Severity of Injuries in Motor Accidents and Statute of Limitations

Dec 28, 2009 - Articles by

Though injuries happen all the time some result in life-changing, serious injuries. Vehicle injuries incidents involve sustaining grave injuries that might require rehabilitation and care for a lifetime.  The injured victim is likely to suffer severe catastrophic injuries depending upon the severity of the force exerted upon them. Here are some injury types that result in serious cases of injuries: Serious injuries are expected to occur when a passenger vehicle is stroked by a semitrailer truck that is traveling at highway speeds. The result can be catastrophic if two passenger cars going in different speed directions with posted speed limit collide. Two passenger cars going in the same direction and one is traveling at the posted speed limit while the other is stopped, drivers and passengers suffer severe injuries. Serious injuries happen almost always to motorcyclists given the minimum precaution riders are following. Whatever the type of vehicle is when it hits the pedestrian then if not fatal pedestrian is likely to sustain severe injuries. In all of these situations, the common element is the amount of force exerted upon the victim. When some individual is hit with this much force, unfortunately, catastrophic and serious injuries including fractures, brain damage, and other body injuries are likely to happen. How Personal Injury lawyers Help Serious Injured Victim Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney understands how difficult it is when you or your close one has been involved in a severe injury. The personal injury attorney at their firm has been taking these cases […]


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