What to Do After a Car Accident in AZ

Mar 21, 2014 - Car Accidents by

Help from a Phoenix Car Accident Law Firm: What to Do After an Accident When you’re in a car accident, it can be both confusing, and frightening. Here are some steps to take to ensure your safety, and the safety of your passengers, while protecting your legal rights. Step 1: Make sure that you and your passengers are safe, and uninjured. Do not get out of the car unless it is safe to do so. Move the cars out of the road only if it’s a minor accident. In a major accident, leave the cars where they are so that the police can properly file a report. Step 2: Call the police as soon as possible. A report will need to be filed to keep legal documentation of the accident for insurance purposes. Also call medical aid if you or your passengers are seriously injured. Remember, just because you don’t feel any pain after the accident, it doesn’t meant that you are not hurt. Your adrenaline could be high and you may not feel the pain. You could also have damage to your neck and back that won’t set in until a while after the accident, so always take the proper precautions and call an ambulance to be checked out. Step 3: Do not admit fault to the accident. To protect yourself legally, do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the police and your insurance company. Never say you’re sorry. Saying your sorry could be used against you […]


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