Talking to Your Children About Safe Driving

Jan 14, 2015 - Car Accidents by

There are over 3000 teen deaths per year due to car accidents. That’s an average of eighteen deaths per day due to mistakes made behind the wheel. With today’s technology, along with other distractions, it is extremely easy to get distracted while driving, which can lead to serious injuries and death. Talking to your kids about safe driving habits is one of the most important things you can do while teaching them how to drive.

The number one distraction which causes accidents is of course cell phones. Talking, texting, and tweeting are among a few things that can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. It only takes one second to lose your concentration while driving, which can lead to serious consequences. Teach your children to not use their cell phones at all while driving. They can wait to read the text they got until they have reached their destination. No text is worth their life, or the lives of others.

Other common driving distractions for teens include driving with friends. Your children will most likely have friends in the car while traveling. It is very easy to get caught up in a conversation while having friends in the car. It is important to make sure that they focus on the road; the conversation can wait until they get to a safe place.

Another common distraction is music. Messing with the radio can be hazardous. Adjusting radio stations or the volume, along with choosing a song within their music library on their music device, can lead to a crash. Teach them to prepare the music they want to listen to before driving the car. This way, they will not have to mess with the radio at all during travel.

The consequences involved with distracted driving can include:

  • Veering into another lane
  • Missing traffic signals or stop signs
  • Slowing of reaction time
  • Being unable to see pedestrians crossing the street
  • Being unable to stop in time

It’s usually the little things that happen while driving that can have the largest consequences. Being prepared and alert while driving can save a person’s life. Teaching your children these valuable lessons is very important. It will make the roads safer your family, and the people around them. Safe Travels


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