The Fatal Car Crash Epidemic

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Roads keep getting busier and the frequency of traffic jams seems to have multiplied three folds since last year. I swear that driving has become more challenging than ever. The most difficult part of my job is driving there every morning during rush hour. I recall the times when I actually enjoyed driving, and I cannot believe this is what it has come to. I am constantly fretting over signal lights and dreading that I might have to contact my Lake Oswego Disability Insurance (SSDI) Lawyer.

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among healthy citizens in the U.S, and about 90 people die every day. Annually, more than forty thousand car accidents are fatal in nature. According to Houston Personal Injury Lawyer, while thousands of people lose their lives, millions end up with severe injuries or permanent disabilities each year. The percentage of fatalities has gone down since 2017, but the total number of accidents is still on the rise.

The occurrence of fatal car accidents is considerably higher during public/seasonal holidays, as a greater number of people are driving under the influence. The fourth of July and the first of January are ideal for spotting drunk, hungover, or sleep-deprived people all around the U.S. There are numerous kinds of accidents, so the reasons and consequences vary. Although the law is strict for irresponsible driving, we may lack in implementing and fully abiding by traffic rules. Many states disregard the importance of seat belts, and speed limits in some areas definitely require revision.

The chances of human error increase when there is so much confusion on the highway, among streets, and in parking lots. Everyone seems to be in a hurry or simply distracted by the bounties of technology. Even if one driver is trying their best to respect the law, he/she fails to control the mind of the second or third party. It is devastating to encounter colossal damages when it’s not even your fault.

The police and your insurance company will thoroughly investigate the matter for their own purposes; one is fulfilling a legal liability, and the other is trying to save themselves from issuing a hefty reimbursement. An experienced Car Accident Attorney is our best bet to prove that the opposing party was the real culprit and must pay for our loss. Many times your auto insurance is insufficient to cover all the vehicle repairs, and the majority of health insurance companies do not offer medical compensation for accident injuries.

The fatal car crash epidemic will not go away on its own; a change of attitude is required on a national level. Given our standard traffic statistics, we will have to drive more responsibly, so we can start by fastening our seatbelts. We must switch to public transport or cabs when we are sleep deprived, mentally/physically stressed, or intoxicated. If our health condition and/or medication compromise our movements and/or alertness, giving up the driving seat is the only feasible option. We must ban the use of smartphones and other mobile devices while we take the wheel. Maybe new technology can counteract the hazards of existing technology; self-driving cars could be the end of this outbreak.


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