Things You Should Know About Hiring A Car Accident Attorney

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A person needs to consult a car accident lawyer if he/she went through a car accident recently. The experienced attorney will help to recover the losses resulted from a car accident, minimize the hassle often related to the car insurance claim and a hefty amount of ‘red tape’ and paperwork.

You should know when you need professional legal assistance as it makes a difference between fairly resolve a case and losing or owing substantial monetary damage. Below is some important information one might need to know before hiring a car accident attorney.

The Need To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, we hear news of car accidents every day. In the United States, the majority of personal injury claims are the result of accidents involving cars, bicycles, trucks, or other motor vehicles. Many of these crashes cause minor vehicle damage like a fender bender.

They are generally handled by contacting the insurance company. However, those car accidents that cause physical injury, death, or any other significant damage to a person or property may permit the legal claim from the victim.

To cover the losses incurred due to a car accident are compensated with the help of an experienced attorney. Loses may include medical bills, car repairs, and lost wages. In some states, the car accident attorney helps to recover the death of a loved one when the car accident case involves drunk-driving, speeding, or reckless driving.

What to Look For In a Car Accident lawyer

Car accident lawyer resolves various issues stemming from wrongful death, personal injury, liability determinations, and property destruction. Before hiring a lawyer, look for the knowledge, skill level, experience, fee structure, location, and commitment.

For example, the lawyer should be well-versed in the national and state transportation laws, health care companies, know how to handle the insurance agency, and prepare adequately to settle a case. Besides, check the background, track record, and references of the attorney.

Lastly, a reasonable attorney usually accepts the case on ‘no win, no fee’ or contingency basis if the case has any merit. So it is essential to check the standard fee structure of the attorney before hiring.

The Right Time To Hire The Attorney

To avoid any costly mistakes and follow the statute of limitations, it is best to contact the attorney early. The deadline for filing the car accident injury claim differs from state to state. As the victim needs to cover the medical expenses and lost wages; thus, it’s better to consult the attorney.

In general, contact attorney sooner means within a couple of weeks after the accident has happened, but before the insurance company settlement reaches you.

What Questions To Ask The Attorney

Before consulting the lawyer, it’s better to do as much search on facts and information about a car accident as possible. Some questions that you should ask before hiring the lawyer are:

  • The percentage of law practice devoted to car accident cases
  • Experience of dealing the specific injury types
  • The typical range of settlement for a similar case
  • Fee structure

Speak with the car accident king in your area to learn more about the legal options.


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