Evidence in Your Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Claims: Evidence Gathering

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Evidence in Your Personal Injury Case is crucial if you’ve been injured in an accident, Arizona law may entitle you to damages as compensation.  When pursuing a claim, however, success will turn on whether you can successfully present a comprehensive record of evidence that supports your claims.  If you do not have sufficient evidence, there will almost certainly be a problem as litigation proceeds.

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Let’s explore some basic evidence gathering issues you should keep in mind as you consider the possibility of litigation.

Securing a Range of Evidence in Your Personal Injury Case in an Arizona Accident Case

Ultimately, your goal in securing evidence is to support your personal injury claim that the defendant is liable for your injuries and damages. In other words, if you introduce evidence to prove that the defendant committed negligence that led to your injuries, but you fail to provide sufficient evidence to prove that your damages claim is justified, you could ostensibly recover less than what you need to cover all your losses.

In order to prove that the defendant is liable and secure adequate damages, you’ll want to introduce a wide range of relevant evidence.  This evidence may include, but is not limited to:

  • Medical records
  • Medical bills
  • Pay stubs
  • Repair bills for property loss
  • Expert testimony (i.e., physician testimony, testimony of an accident reconstruction expert, vocational expert testimony, etc.)
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Photographic and video evidence of the accident
  • Statements made by the defendant relevant to the accident

For example, if you are attempting to argue that your injuries in a car accident led to you having to take off work for two months, then you cannot expect the court to simply believe your statements without proof. You’ll want to introduce documentary evidence that you actually had to miss work for those two months (i.e., pay stubs, employer confirmation, etc.).


Evidence in Your Personal Injury Case Can Be Complex in Certain Arizona Cases

Discovery is a complex process that can present a number of roadblocks.  To understand, let’s use a brief example.

Suppose that you are injured in a drunk driving accident involving a delivery driver who was intoxicated.  You’re suing the defendant-driver’s employer whom you believe knew about the driver’s history of alcoholism prior to hiring him. In discovery, you request records related to the employer’s hiring process. The employer may attempt to argue that it is an overbroad intrusion and that the records are not relevant. Your Phoenix accident lawyers could counter by explaining that the records would reveal whether they asked about or knew about the driver’s alcoholism at the time of hiring.

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