Phoenix Personal Accident Attorney Answers: “I Was In An Accident, Do I Need A Lawyer?”

Video Transcript

Man: Do I need an accident attorney for my case or can I save the money? Greg Lyon has practiced personal injury and wrongful death law in Arizona for over 40 years. He has handled thousands of cases exclusively representing Arizona accident victims. He does not represent insurance companies.

Greg: Hello, my name is Greg Lyon. I am a Phoenix attorney that has practiced in this field over 40 years. The purpose of these videos is to answer the question, do I need an attorney to handle my car accident case or can I do it myself and save some money? I will give you much the same advice and information I provide my clients during the course of handling their personal injury cases. Each video will provide information you need to know for a specific part of the personal injury or property damage claim. If you’re having to deal with a claim for property damage to your vehicle, watch the “Property Damage,” videos. If you’re trying to figure out how to be reimbursed for lost wages or income, I invite you to watch the video on that topic. Armed with this information and a willingness to do some additional research, you’ll be able to handle some of these issues yourself and at the same time, save some money. In other areas, you may need some help, and if so, I invite you to give me a call at 602-535-1900 or visit our website at If you have a question, I’m happy to walk you through it or invite you into our office to take advantage of our free consultation. Now, I’m not implying that you can handle every personal injury claim yourself. Clearly, that has not been my experience. But there are a number of situations that you’re actually better off not hiring me. There, I said it. I bet you never heard that from a personal injury attorney before. I invite you to view these videos and then decide if you need an accident attorney or you can save the money and handle it yourself.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Jack and Michaela were friendly and professional while my case was ongoing. They kept me informed of the status of my case on a regular basis and reached a better settlement than I expected. It was such a relief to know I had someone on my side and fighting for me. Jack also called numerous times just to ask how I was in my recovery and tell me to just concentrate on getting better. I highly recommend Mr. Hirsch."