Rear-End Collision Claims

Rear-End Collision Claims

Phoenix Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers for Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of motor vehicle accident cases we see in our legal practice. With the advent of the freeway system in Phoenix, incidents involving rear-end crashes between motorists are far more typical than intersection accidents. If you or a loved one suffered a rear-end collision, it’s important to seek legal help from experienced Phoenix motor vehicle accident lawyers. Hirsch & Lyon are ready to fight for your rights. Contact us today to discuss your case options and eligibility for compensation

Why are Rear-End Collisions Dangerous?

While automotive engineers have been able to equip cars with safety devices that better protect people in rear-end accidents than in intersection or crossing accidents, injuries in rear-end accidents are still very prevalent. Despite advanced headrests, seat belts, padding and other safety measures, when one vehicle strikes into the back of another, whiplash or a cervical sprain/strain is still the most common car injury that we handle. The muscles and ligaments in our necks are not designed to suffer a sudden hyper extension of the neck followed by a violent flexing of the neck in the opposite direction, the result of which is whiplash. In many accident situations, people experience pain not only in the neck between the shoulder blades and in the lower back, but also sustain a herniated or bulging disc that results in pain radiating down their arms or legs.

Minimal Impact Soft Tissue Injuries (MIST)

When a rear-end collision takes place, insurance adjusters may use the term “soft tissue injury” in an attempt to minimize your injuries. However, having represented victims of a rear-end collision for many years, the attorneys at our firm know far too well just how painful and debilitating these injuries can be. We also know that these cases can be particularly challenging when there is very little damage to the vehicles involved in the collision. The insurance industry often designates these accidents as “low-impact accidents” and categorizes the injuries as minimal impact soft tissue (MIST) injuries.

Dealing With Difficult Insurance Adjusters in Arizona

When a claim is made involving a rear-end collision in Arizona, the insurance companies will rely on their teams of adjusters, whose specific role is to deny or limit compensation in these cases. The Phoenix motor vehicle accident attorneys at our firm have dealt with these adjusters for many years, and we have developed successful methods to obtain fair compensation for our clients. These types of accidents often result in extraordinarily painful and life-altering injuries. The Arizona accident lawyers at Hirsch & Lyon will launch a meticulous investigation to prove your case. We truly care about you and your family and are committed to making sure you receive the monetary compensation you need to recover from your accident.

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While Arizona car accidents may be a common occurrence, they can change the course of your life in an instant. Whether the person who struck your vehicle was talking on a cell phone, driving aggressively, tailgating your car or engaging in other unsafe driving practices, Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. is here to help. We provide free case evaluations in rear-end collision cases throughout Arizona and handle all cases on a contingency-fee basis. Call us now at 602-535-1900 to discuss your case with one of our Phoenix car accident lawyers

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