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Serious Injuries

Serious Injuries

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Have you or someone you love suffered a serious, debilitating injury in Phoenix, Arizona? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law is on your side and will work diligently to recover the damages you rightfully deserve. Contact a Phoenix injury lawyer today to learn more about your legal options during a free consultation.

What Types of Injuries Can Cause Serious Injuries?

While injuries happen all the time, some can result in serious, life-changing injuries. Car accident injuries, truck collisions and other incidents involving motorized vehicles often cause individuals to sustain grave injuries that may require a lifetime of care and rehabilitation. The higher the force exerted upon the injury victim, the more likely they will suffer severe, catastrophic injuries. Therefore when hiring a Catastrophic Injury Attorney consider the following:

  • When a semitrailer truck traveling at highway speeds strikes a passenger vehicle, serious injuries are likely to occur.
  • When two passenger cars traveling at the posted speed limit going in different directions collide, the outcome can be catastrophic.
  • Even if two passenger cars are going in the same direction and one is stopped and the other is traveling at the posted speed limit, passengers and drivers can sustain severe injuries.
  • Injuries involving motorcyclists nearly always produce serious injuries given the limited amount of protection a motorcycle provides to its riders.
  • Whether the injuries involves a car, truck or other vehicle, when a driver hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian is likely to suffer severe if not fatal injuries.

The common element in all of these situations is the application of great force upon the injury victim. Unfortunately, when an individual is hit with such force, serious and catastrophic injuries, including concussions, brain damage, fractures and other bodily injuries, are the likely result.

How a Phoenix Injury Lawyer Can Help Seriously Injured Victims

Hirsch & Lyon understands just how difficult it can be when you or someone you love has been involved in a serious injury. The personal injury attorneys at our firm have been fighting for the rights of injury victims for more than 65 years. We know that these types of injuries can change your life forever, and we are committed to helping injury victims get the financial compensation they need and deserve. Our law firm handles a broad range of serious injury cases, including cases involving:

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Arizona? 

According to Arizona’s statute of limitations law, victims have two years to file a claim after being involved in a personal injury for either personal injuries or property damage. There are a number of exceptions to this law that significantly shorten this time limit. We strongly recommend that you contact an attorney before it is too late. The sooner the claim is filed, the greater the chances of obtaining maximum recovery. Waiting too long to file an case can mean losing out on thousands of dollars in compensation that would otherwise be rightfully yours. That being said, there are times when an victim isn’t fully aware of the extent of their injuries immediately following the incident. Certain injuries, including the aggravation of preexisting conditions, can take months or even years to develop. If you or someone you love was hurt in a cartruck or motorcycle injury, it is important to speak with our Phoenix injury lawyers as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out on obtaining your due damages. Your lawyer will assess the situation and ensure you are within the allotted time limits for filing your injury claim.

Suffered a Serious Injury in Arizona? Contact Us Today

When you are seriously injured in an injury, it can be difficult to know where to turn to get the help you need. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law is here to help. Our personal injury law firm limits our practice to injury law, and we know how to get maximum financial recoveries for our clients. We have represented thousands of injury victims in Arizona and are dedicated to doing everything we can to make the legal process simple and easy for you. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will never have to pay us any fees until we secure a recovery in your case. Not a dime for our time, unless we collect for you! For a free consultation with a Phoenix injury lawyer at our firm, call 602-535-1900 or contact us online today.

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