Mental Impairment & TBI

Mental Impairment & Traumatic Brain Injury

Mental Impairment & TBI (raumatic brain injury) may result in a wide range of devastating symptoms that severely impact your life—the most challenging being mental impairment. Even mild mental impairment can interfere with your ability to make a living and your quality of life. At its worst, you may be responsible for caring for your loved one who will never fully recover. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. is a respected personal injury law firm in Arizona that has decades of experience in complicated head injury cases and serious injuries. We help you recover damages for your brain injury or your loved one’s severe TBI. Consult with a Phoenix injury lawyer today to discuss your rights during a free consultation.

Proving TBI Damage

Your TBI may hinder your ability to earn future income and drastically change every aspect of your life, damages for which you deserve to be compensated. Our lawyers have refined the process of proving mental impairment and the resulting damages, including:

  • We work with renowned neurologists to pinpoint what area of the brain was damaged.
  • We then work with neuropsychologists who determine your level of cognitive abilities before and after accidents.
  • Medical professionals create a remediation plan to assist you in recovery or adapting to your disabilities in your daily life.
  • We consult with economists and financial experts on the long-term damages caused by your brain damage.

Mild TBI

We consider the term “mild” a misnomer. All brain damage is serious. But the medical term refers to cases in which brain damage causes less severe, sometimes temporary symptoms, such as confusion, disorientation, amnesia, dizziness, fatigue and poor concentration. Immediately following the accident, a blackout or loss of consciousness might occur.

Immediate diagnosis

Immediate diagnosis and emergency medical care may prevent Mental Impairment & TBI further damage and improve the chances of full recovery. In addition, having a second concussion before a previous concussion has healed can compound the level of injuries and result in long-term mental impairments and dementia. For these reasons, accident victims benefit from early diagnosis and medical care after a crash.

Complicating the matter, you may not know you have brain damage. At first, you may feel only subtle symptoms that you attribute to another cause. Typically, only an MRI or a CT scan can accurately identify your TBI.

Complications From TBI

If your family member sustained severe mental impairment & TBI, you may be entitled to damages for the lifetime care you must now provide. A  lawyer can assist you in collecting damages so you can give the best care possible if your loved one has:

  • Brain death, an irreversible condition in which no brain activity is detected
  • Locked-in syndrome, in which the patient is awake and aware but unable communicate or move
  • Vegetative state, in which the patient remains unaware but reflexively responds to sounds, sights, touch and other stimuli
  • Coma, in which the patient is unconscious because of widespread damage to the brain
  • Seizures, which can lead to post-traumatic epilepsy
  • Permanent changes to communication, cognition, emotion, behavior, learning, reasoning, judgment, memory, problem-solving and social interaction

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