Fighting for Our Clients is Not a Cliche at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law – Results Count!

Any law firm can say they fight for their clients, but do they really? The insurance companies know which lawyers really do fight and which ones roll over and accept any offer of settlement made. We at Hirsch & Lyon believe fighting for our client means going to court or arbitration when the insurance company’s offer of settlement is unfair or downright insulting.

We have summarized cases that Greg Lyon has placed into litigation as a result of unfair offers from the insurance company from January through September of 2016. Jack Hirsch, the lead litigating attorney, is largely responsible for the results that follow. As you know, each case is different and the results will vary and are not guaranteed, but look at the numbers. We really do fight for our clients and as the numbers show, we win!

In this time period, our firm has won 94% of the cases. A win is not simply getting an award for our clients. We call it a win when we beat the insurance company’s best offer before we filed suit!

Cases placed in litigation, whether settled or fully tried, resulted in an average increase settlement/award over 100%.

The amount of money going to our clients increased an average of 818% from the amount they would have received before our litigation efforts. There were other factors that led to this dramatic increase, such as our negotiation with medical providers and health insurance companies that had advanced claims against our clients’ proceeds.

This is what effectively fighting for your clients means in the field of accident law.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Jack and Michaela were friendly and professional while my case was ongoing. They kept me informed of the status of my case on a regular basis and reached a better settlement than I expected. It was such a relief to know I had someone on my side and fighting for me. Jack also called numerous times just to ask how I was in my recovery and tell me to just concentrate on getting better. I highly recommend Mr. Hirsch."