Why You Always Need Legal Counsel Following an Accident

Filing an accident claim can be a simple process when there are only two parties involved and the negligent driver is clearly identified. Insurance companies know they will be required to pay benefits to the injured victim when their client is fully at fault. However, when the injured victim also has a certain degree of comparative negligence, insurance company claims adjusters can be difficult in negotiations because they can use comparative fault to lessen the total payout of the claim. This is not a scientific calculation, but insurance companies try to control this component of an accident from the very start. And, this is especially true when the accident involves commercial vehicles and a shipping company. Multiple car accidents can be complicated as well when all parties have attorneys arguing competing versions of events that are focused on protecting the fault level of their client. Regardless of the situation, it is always important to get legal advice from a car accident lawyer before filing a claim and seriously consider retaining a Pacific Attorney Group to handle your particular case because of potential complications.

Investigating the Accident

One of the first steps an accident attorney will take is conducting a full investigation into the crash. This usually begins by evaluating the official accident report along with interviewing the reconstruction specialist and investigating police officer. A car accident lawyer can contest the official version of events as well as the version of events provided by the respondents and their insurance companies when details are missed in the evaluation. Your personal injury lawyer can also conduct a background check on the respondent parties with respect to driving history along with inspecting the vehicles involved in the wreck. This can be very important when commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers were included because the potential for equipment failure is high in a big-rig crash.

Identifying Multiple Negligent Parties

In certain situations such as when commercial vehicles are part of the collision, it is possible that the employing company can be liable as well as the driver. When vehicles are owned by the operator and leased by the company, both parties could be liable and will have their own insurance company adjusters attempting to lessen the value of the claim. This is important because commercial vehicles are usually insured in higher amounts, which means there are more financial funds available when multiple policies can be attached. In addition, shipping companies often instruct drivers to cut corners during operation in terms of rig inspection or driving time restrictions. Sub-standard company policy along with citation history can be important in being made financially whole in the settlement process.

When a Case Goes to Trial

Any party to an accident case can request that an injury claim go to a full trial. This usually happens when a defending legal counsel thinks they can win an acquittal, or at least a reduction in applicable damages, or when a personal injury lawyer for the plaintiff thinks they can win a punitive damage claim or be assigned whole financial damages regarding the long-term prognosis of the accident injury. Bad faith insurance companies are often difficult in negotiations for full damage payment, and punitive damages can greatly enhance the value of an accident injury claim. In addition, product liability claims can also arise when unexplained accidents occur due to mechanical failure of auto components.

Never let an insurance company deny you full compensation for an injury following an accident. Always retain a car accident lawyer who understands what to expect from the defendants and can inspect the official record for mistakes while investigating all of the circumstances. Your accident injury claim may be much more valuable than your realize.


Got a legal matter that our lawyers can help you with?

Got a legal matter that our lawyers can help you with?