Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle Rollovers Lawyer in Phoenix

Vehicle Rollovers injuries, and likelihood of death, tend to be particularly high in a rollover crash. Predictably, defendants and insurance companies try to blame the victims to minimize damages for which they are responsible. Immediate, thorough investigation of rollover accidents is, therefore, vital to recovering damages to cover your extensive injuries. That’s where a Phoenix vehicle rollover lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case.

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. exclusively handles personal injury claims. We have developed the tools and knowledge to effectively investigate complex rollover accidents and recover the money you are entitled to. We urge you to pursue your rights as soon as practicable, to file your claim long before the expiration of the statute of limitations and to allow us the opportunity to investigate the cause of your crash. Early investigation by Hirsch & Lyon nearly always provides a more successful result. Contact us today to discuss your case during a free consultation with a Phoenix car accident lawyer experienced at handling vehicle rollover cases throughout Arizona.

Why Vehicle Rollovers Occur

A rollover crash is an unusual event in which the car flips over onto its side or roof, sometimes multiple times. To roll over, the vehicle must be forced off its four wheels, which requires tremendous force acting upon the vehicle. During a thorough investigation, your Phoenix vehicle rollover lawyer will learn why the wheels of your vehicle were forced off the pavement.

The shape of the vehicle may contribute to a rollover. For example, vans, pickup trucks and SUVs have high centers of gravity and so are more likely to roll over. Another common factor is an incline that abuts the road. The angle often gives the vehicle momentum to topple over and may propel the vehicle over repeatedly.

Rollovers occur under a variety of circumstances, including:

  • A tire blowout
  • A dirt shoulder that catches the wheel
  • A too deeply inclined roadway shoulder
  • Driver overcorrection of an out-of-control vehicle
  • Collision with another vehicle

To get to the bottom of what happened, we consult experts, analyze debris fields, inspect the damage to the vehicle and visit the site to see firsthand the roadway conditions. We also pursue evidence as to whether an impaired or speeding driver caused the crash.

Damages for Passengers in Vehicle Rollovers

Ejection is one of the main causes of fatal and serious injuries in rollover crashes. Our vehicle rollover lawyers in Phoenix consider every possible source of compensation for your extensive injuries. Passengers can pursue claims on the driver’s insurance, as well as your own insurance policies. We may also file claims against the city for defective roadway conditions or a third-party corporation, for example, a construction company that left behind roadway debris. Ultimately, the facts of your claim drive our investigation and case strategy.

Free Consultation With a Phoenix Vehicle Rollover Lawyer

If you were injured in a rollover, Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law can help you recover damages. Our auto accident attorneys are highly responsive and have decades of experience to resolve your claim at the maximum possible damages. Schedule your free consultation with a Phoenix vehicle rollover lawyer at 602-535-1900 or online to learn more about your rights and options.

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